üLanding Page:

o   Customers visit the website wholesaleclubltd.com, where they are greeted with a visually appealing homepage.

o   The homepage showcases featured products, special promotions, and highlights the key benefits of shopping at Wholesale Club.

ü Product Browsing:

o   Customers can browse through different product categories, such as groceries, household items, electronics, clothing, etc.

o   They can use search filters, sorting options, and product recommendations to find specific items or explore new products.

ü Product Selection:

o   Customers select the desired products by adding them to their shopping cart.

o   They can specify the quantity, size, color, or any other relevant options for each product.

ü Shopping Cart:

o   Customers review their selected items in the shopping cart.

o   They can update quantities, remove items, or continue shopping.

ü Checkout Process:

o   Customers proceed to the checkout page to finalize their order.

o   They provide their contact information, including name, email address, and phone number.

o   They enter the delivery address where they want the order to be shipped.

ü Payment:

o   Customers select their preferred payment method (e.g., credit card, debit card, PayPal).

o   They enter the necessary payment details securely.

ü Order Confirmation:

o   Customers review the order summary, including the selected products, quantities, prices, and delivery details.

o   They confirm the order and submit the payment.


ü Order Confirmation Page:

o   Customers are redirected to an order confirmation page that displays a summary of their order.

o   The page includes the order number, estimated delivery date, and any relevant information about the order.

o   Customers may receive an email confirmation with the same information.

ü Order Processing:

o   The Wholesale Club team receives the order and begins processing it.

o   They pick and pack the items, ensuring proper quality control.

ü Order Delivery:

o   The delivery team arranges the shipment of the order to the provided delivery address.

o   Customers receive updates on the status of their order, including tracking information if available.

ü Order Receipt and Feedback:

o   Customers receive the order at their designated address.

o   They inspect the items and provide feedback or report any issues if necessary.


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